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Inventing the next industry-changing technologies. Making athletes the best at what they do. It takes a special set of tools and talents. What are yours? Planning, building, and designing? Predicting outcomes from numbers? Creating and inspiring?

Find out what kind of innovator you are below.


Check out this video for more about what innovation means at NIKE.

The Architect

The Architect

As product and performance advance, so do our NIKE stores. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of Bill Bowerman, The Architect seeks out new materials to design spaces that deliver on innovation. Wall fixtures crafted with recycled materials. Seating made of recycled plastic bottles. His toolkit: materials science and creative genius.

NikeLab stores epitomize this approach, opening up a world of forms and materials that have never been done before.

This is how you can make a difference at NIKE: creating unique, engaging retail experiences from concept to completion—or somewhere along the way. You could be a designer, researcher, materials developer—or something else.

Are you a pioneer who thrives on playing in undiscovered territory? A fearless creator fueled to see your experiments come to life?

Find out how you can be the Architect at Nike

  • Designer
  • Design Engineer
  • Innovator
  • Materials Developer
  • Materials Researcher
  • Materials Designer

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The Data Whiz

A mathematical all-star, The Data Whiz turns abstract data into real-world action. Even predicting impact 20 years out. This means cracking the code on complex problems like how to save billions of gallons of water in the manufacturing process and how to reduce energy use. That’s a future worth solving for.

The Data Whiz lives for this. She uses everything from analytics to direct insights from athletes to help us plan and make the best decisions and investments—like our Flyknit technology—producing 40% less waste than traditional shoes. Or our ColorDry technology, which can color materials without using a single drop of water.

Are you a dreamer? A thinker with both a micro and macro approach to problem-solving? Help crack the code on how to innovate for athletes and our future.

Find out how you can be a data whiz at Nike

  • Data Analyst
  • Strategic Planner
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Miner

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The Point Man

Sustainable methods and materials don’t just find their way into athletic apparel. It takes invention and a relentless individual to lead the offense surrounding the initiative. The Point Man educates designers to help them find innovative ways to reduce waste. Whether he’s promoting Nike’s waterless dyeing process ColorDry, or a recycled polyester material made from plastic bottles, his influence can be found in your favorite team kits, uniforms, and performance garments.

For The Point Man, knowledge and passion for apparel and the environment come together to ensure we are constantly innovating to find the best ways to bring our products to life in an environmentally responsible way.

Are you an inventor? Do you embrace and dream about a reality that doesn’t yet exist?

Find out how you can be the point man at Nike

  • Project Director
  • Product Development
  • Operations
  • Innovator

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The Sole Salvager

At the helm of Nike Grind initiatives, The Sole Salvager oversees a transformation process that reimagines old shoes into new materials—like playgrounds and running tracks for kids. These materials provide athletes new products to train in, and surfaces to compete on. She is driven to provide sport while bringing products back to life. From New York to Amsterdam, when worn out shoes have played their last match, the Sole Salvager helps them play on. For her, finding lean, green ways to create a better world is more than a job—it’s an obsession.

How about you? Do you have an uncompromising drive to deliver performance, aesthetics, fitness, and sustainability?

Find out how you can be the sole salvager at Nike

  • Chemist
  • Materials Developer
  • Materials Scientist
  • Materials Researcher
  • Materials Engineer
  • Textile Engineer
  • Plastics Engineer

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